Beşiktaş JK Museum

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Beşiktaş JK Museum is a sports museum that reflects its 115 years history starting from the establishment of the club. Due to its presence in the stadium, the football history is mainly told, and the museum is planned to include … Continued

Kilis Alaeddin Yavasca House Museum

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The historic house where was born and raised the great composer and performer of Turkish Art Music Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Yavaşca in Kilis was functioned as a museum. In this museum house, bearing the characteristics of a traditional Kilis house, … Continued

Izmir Migration and Population Exchange Museum

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Buca Migration and Exchange Memory House was established by APIKAM, an affiliation of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to protect, exhibit and pass on future generations the cultural life items of the migrants who had experienced the Turkish- Greek population exchange … Continued

“Trade in Anatolia; Scale Weights and Weighing Instruments” Exhibition

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It is the second temporary exhibition of Kayseri Museum of Seljuk Civilization. Tools of trade used from ancient times to the end of the Seljuk period in Anatolia were exhibited in chronological order with the Museum collections and the archeological … Continued

Aynalikavak Pavilion Music Museum

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Aynalilavak Pavilion, situated in the coast of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, is estimated to be constructed during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) and underwent a restoration during the reign of Sultan Selim III (1789-1807). The music museum … Continued

Yozgat Archaeology Museum

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A special design was planned for the Yozgat Archeology Museum’s new building. The section from the prehistoric period to the end of the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Hittite Periods, which constitute the important part of the collection were located … Continued