Akaretler Mustafa Kemal Museum

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The museum is opened at the house that is rented in Akaretler during the Balkan Wars by Mustafa Kemal for his mother and sister he brought them to Istanbul from Thessaloniki. The house, which does not have its unique collection … Continued

Nemrut Site, Adiyaman & Malatya Visitor Centers’ Permanent Exhibitions

Adıyaman – Malatya, Turkey Project owner:  Ministry of Culture and Tourism – METU (Middle East Technical University)  Project partner: Sayka Architects, Ankara

All About The Beer, from Ottoman Period to the Republic

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Efes Pilsen’s collection of artifacts, objects, photographs, documents and publicity materials about beer and its production from the Ottoman era in Anatolia were exhibited. The exhibitions also used media animations and installations with digital elements and abstract decors. The traveling … Continued

The Story of Water From Nile to Alexandria, (Switzerland)

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Du Nil À Alexandrie Histoires D’eaux (Suisse) These are traveling exhibitions that present with a scientific approach the transfer, storage and distribution of water to the city in Alexandria from ancient times to contemporary technological systems. The exhibition structure popularized … Continued

Museum of Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital

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The museum was opened in an independent building within the hospital campus in the light of the museological planning and curatorial studies of the Yıldız Technical University Museum Master Program. Photographs and archive documents as well as shirts, pharmacy supplies, … Continued

Isbank Museum

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A bank museum that presents the institutional history of the Is Bank which is founded in 1924 and indirectly the development of banking in Turkey with banking equipment, promotional materials and various archive documents.The historical building in which the bank … Continued