Tarsus City Museum

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The curatorial works for the Tarsus City Museum have emerged as a result of a long research process and oral history studies. The geographical and natural features, legends, immovable cultural heritage, monuments, urban development, legends of Tarsus which has a … Continued

Defense of Edirne and Şükrü Pasha Museum, Edirne

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Shukru Pasha, a commander during the Balkan Wars, and the defense of Edirne are exhibited in detail in the museum, which is projected simultaneously with the restoration processes of the Kıyık Bastions. The general expression of the Balkan Wars, the … Continued

The Story of Water from Nile to Alexandria, Belgium

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It is the third of the traveling exhibitions that presents with a scientific approach the transfer, storage and distribution of water to the city in Alexandria from ancient times to contemporary technological systems. The exhibition structure popularized by elements of … Continued

Torbalı City Museum, Izmir

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In the scope of the city museum, which is planned for Torbali, a district of Izmir, both objective and intangible cultural heritage elements were presented together. Starting from the Metropolis city story, the important archaeological site of the region, the … Continued

Sait Faik Abasiyanik Museum, Burgazada

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The house belonging to the family of the famous literary figure Sait Faik Abasıyanık was partially regulated at the beginning and opened to visiting in 1959. In 1963, when his mother Makbule Abasıyanık died, the house was donated to Darüşşafaka … Continued

Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum, Diyarbakır

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It is a private museum taking place in the family house of the famous literary figure Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı, born in Diyarbakir. The new planning and design of the museum, which was opened before in 1974, was completed in 2012 … Continued

Ziya Gökalp Museum

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The reorganization project of the museum, which was opened in 1956 in a part of the originally larger family house of the famous Diyarbakir literary and sociologist Ziya Gökalp, was held in 2012. In a unique Diyarbakir house with a … Continued

Akaretler Mustafa Kemal Museum

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The museum is opened at the house that is rented in Akaretler during the Balkan Wars by Mustafa Kemal for his mother and sister he brought them to Istanbul from Thessaloniki. The house, which does not have its unique collection … Continued